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   Achievement is not solely counting repetions, but committing as a student of your fitness — we’ll teach you how your body works. Because each client’s goals and body are entirely unique, we’ll reveal the physiological processes inside of your own body and what it requires to be successful. We believe that knowing your own body equals success. The technology that we use shows exactly what and how much you need in order to be successful with your exercise program and weight management plan — to be successful in improving your Health and Fitness. Through Metabolic Testing we use in conjunction with our coaching, we will eliminate the obstacles and your Health and Fitness program will no longer be a guessing game. You’ll learn how to listen to your body!

   New Edge Fitness was created with one purpose: to offer exceptional services in the Health and Fitness Field utilizing the most advanced technology that the modern science can offer. Unlike most fitness professionals who are trainers part time, or who became certified overnight on the internet, Milan – fitness professional and founder of New Edge Fitness, has the training and the experience to make a difference in his client’s life.


Milan Bulgarian Trainer

National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”, Bulgaria; Exercise Science
University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Master’s Degree in Psychology – Exercise, Stress and Adaptation
Atlanta School of Massage – Neuromuscular Therapy/ Massage Therapy



   The participants “A” and “B” in our experiment were the same height and weight, and had the same percentage of body fat. Each lost 10lbs. over the same period of time. Although their weights were identical, participant “A” got fatter. She simply cut calories, which resulted in loss of muscle tissue and lower metabolic rate. The testing procedures- Hydrostatic Weighing (underwater body fat testing) and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis showed that her body fat percentage increased. Her starting body weight was 140lbs and she had 37.8lbs body fat at the beginning of the experiment. Her final weight was 130lbs, her body fat did not change- 37.8lbs and her body fat percentage increased from 27% to 29%. Participant “B” followed a calorie intake plan based on her Resting Metabolic Rate and exercised within her Target Heart Rate. She lost 10lbs and her body fat dropped to 21%. Her starting body weight was 140lbs and she had 37.8lbs of fat at the beginning of the experiment. She successfully lowered her body fat to 27.8lbs.


The bottom line relevance of understanding your metabolism is this: Your metabolism is the most powerful tool you have for smartly and effectively training you body to achieve your health and fitness goals. You’ve heard the “work smarter, not harder” advice time and again. With Metabolic Measurements you will finally have a tool that makes that advice meaningful. A training program based on your metabolic assessment and personalized to meet you body’s needs finally makes sense– it’s your body, your metabolism, your exercise program!


Millions of people from all over the world struggle to maintain a healthy weight. The insane number of “fad” diets, diet drinks, and diet foods is proof that we are willing to try just about anything and everything to drop unwanted pounds. The good news is that Metabolic Measurements offers something that will truly make your weight loss efforts efficient and most of all effective. Based on the Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment, the results will give you your own Target Weight Loss Zone which is the range of calories that will allow you to lose weight safely and efficiently. People who are trying to lose or even gain weight are greatly assisted by the precise knowledge of how much energy they expend while resting. Because each person’s Resting Metabolic Rate is unique based on genetics, fitness level, stress level, age and diet history, the amount of food required for one person to lose weight may actually cause weight gain for someone else with the same age, sex, weight, height, and even the same body fat percent. Your Target Weight Loss Zone lets you know the precise number of calories your body needs in order to lose weight most effectively. A major impediment to continued weight loss is the decrease in energy utilization that occurs when not eating enough calories. This makes it even more difficult to lose weight. The Target Loss Zone gives you the maximum amount of food you can eat and still lose weight. By truly feeding your body what it needs you’ll feel calm, satisfied and happy. This is not just another diet. It is listening to your body telling you what it needs to succeed.


The other part of the Metabolic Assessment is the VO2 Assessment. It will give you detailed information about how your body responds to exercise, how much your heart and lungs can handle, and how well your body burns fat at different heart rates. It provides you with complete reports showing oxygen consumption, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, and fitness level and calorie burn rate at different heart rates. You’ll know from a sound, scientific perspective what you body requires to operate at its best. If you have been exercising without any inside information about your metabolism, chances are you have been pushing yourself harder than you should. Think back to the last time you were working out on the cardio machines or taking a fitness class. Did you go until you felt the burn? When you start to feel the burn, your body is sliding in that inefficient territory where it predominately burns sugars instead of fat. When that happens, not only can you not use the fat as energy source, but you also risk injury as you body tires out. You’ll end up overtraining, tired and disappointed, which can result in discontinuing your exercise and weight loss program.

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